Two Voices of Hope: Progress (6c podcast)

This week’s podcast conversation of this week’s blog post goes in to Dr Marry’s lightbulb moment that found him determined to climb out of the hole he had dug by taking the hands that were offered instead of pushing them out of the way.

We also discussed what I have since uncovered was really going on behind the trip across the street to get a glass of wine no more than 75 minutes after I picked him up from rehab. Oh dear!

Dr Marry noted that he has been surprised by all that he has learned about himself in this blogging/videoing/podcasting process, and I have to agree that this has had a profound effect on me, too. We are both grateful for that, among all the other things.

And finally, as soon as we hit save, we both remembered that we know two couples who, like us, have gone through a spouse’s fall in to addiction and survived the journey to sobriety together. It’s moments like this where I wish I wasn’t quite so emphatic (around the 4:50 mark); I blame my theatre degree. 😬