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e2 podcast: Sandra McCutcheon

Listen to the podcast here.

Please meet my new friend Dr Sandra McCutcheon, or Sands, as Dr Marry calls her.

Sandra is someone I have known of nearly as long as I have known Dr Marry because they did their PhDs together at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, England. He has always spoken highly of her, so when she reached out while we were doing our addiction/sobriety series, I was keen to get to know her for myself.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Sandra left her super science-y life behind a number of years ago when she began to practice mindfulness, at first out of necessity and then out of choice. Today, she owns Mindfulness Skills4Life, a private practice focused on individual and group mindfulness workshops and sessions in and around Lincoln, England.

I’ve not been there, despite having been to Cambridge and York. But Dr Marry owes me a trip to Scotland the next time to we go to visit his family (whenever that will be!), so we’ll make a stop in Lincoln to meet and reconnect with Sandra and her family.

Proof of Dr Marry and Sandra’s long friendship. Also, that’s a lot of cell wall scientists!
Practically baby versions of Dr Marry and Sandra!

Besides her fabulous Scottish accent*, Sandra is full of wisdom, empathy and serenity, and it spills across the miles and through the airwaves. My time with her was restorative, thoughtful and left me feeling calmly ready to embrace the day.

As my editor noted, “This podcast is just one more reason to practice mindfulness. Wow. She seems like a wonderful human being.”

I concur. And I think you will, too.

*Dr Marry always tells me the Upper Midwestern accent is his second favorite accent. Guess which one is his favorite. 😄

Here’s the full interview. Do yourself a favor and fast forward 37 seconds. For the life of me, I couldn’t edit this out. Technology is not my friend.

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