Discover Your Spark experience

Discover who, not what, you were made to be by finding what lights you up.

Discover who you were made to be. This journey will reconnect to the extraordinary in you. I can almost hear you rolling your eyes in doubt. Please hear me loud and clear when I say, “You absolutely have a Spark!” How do I know it? Because you’re alive, and because everyone has one. It’s what makes you YOU. Just because you can’t articulate it right now doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Maybe you were never encouraged to dream, or life has banged you up on the journey and your Spark seems buried or extinguished entirely. Are you willing to see if it is indeed still there, buried but not out? Let’s start the process of finding your extraordinary Spark together, shall we?

This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself or that someone special who’s been struggling to discover who they are and what lights them up.

Join us on Monday, March 20 from 7-8:30pm CDT. At $97, it’s an extraordinary investment in getting back to or beginning to find yourself.

In this 90-minute group session, you’ll focus on:

  • What lights you up
  • What challenges your Spark from staying lit
  • How you can move forward with your Spark fully lit

You’ll work independently and in small groups to uncover, articulate and commit to taking action on the Sparks in your life.

Plus, you’ll have access to Dayna through email for 2 weeks following the session—so you are fully supported in your implementation.

You’ll also get signed up for the extraordinary newsletter and be invited to a private Discover Your Spark Facebook group.

And if you sign up for a Spark 6-week course or weekend retreat within 2 months of taking this experience, the cost of this session will be deducted from that total!

You have nothing to lose and your life’s Spark to gain!


This experience guides you to discover your inner pilot light—the one that’s always been there (even if you don’t believe that now), ready to go when ignited.

Let’s discover it together.

Hi. I’m Dayna Del Val. I'm thrilled to be on this journey with you.

On the surface, my life has been pretty mundane, not very Spark-filled:

  • Born and raised in a rural part of the US
  • An actor who never made it to Hollywood because I got pregnant right before I graduated with a theatre degree
  • The CEO of a small arts nonprofit
  • One child, one dog, one husband: in that order
  • Live in a small city in flyover country


    • I’m a writer. I put together ideas in ways others want to read
    • I had a vision, clear as day, about this work while walking on a dirt road during a two-week writing retreat
    • I’m a SAG-AFTRA actor despite never moving to Hollywood
    • I am absolutely a performer, but now I’m telling MY stories rather than acting out the stories of others

What’s been most important to me is not the job titles I’ve had but the ways I’ve utilized my gifts, developed my skills and created opportunities to share them with others. That’s my Spark

I know how to do this work with you because I’ve been doing it for myself for all of my life.



It’s time. It’s your time.

Time to take the leap.

Time to expand.

Time to seize that remarkable you that’s always been there.

The only resource we cannot re-create or get back is time.

There’s no more waiting. You have the rest of your incredible life to live.

Don’t you want to live it fully alive?