The (re)Discover Your Spark course

The (re)Discover Your Spark course will (re)connect you to the extraordinary inside you. Your Spark has been with you all along, whether you’ve paid attention to it or not. In our time together, you’ll not only (re)Discover it, but you’ll put a plan of action in place to continue to pursue it and watch it shine brightly on your path going forward.

The deadline to register for either course is Wednesday, February 21 at 4pm CDT.
You have questions about either of the (re)Discover Your Spark 6-week courses? Schedule a quick Zoom call with me. I LOVE talking about this work and finding out more about you!
Dayna and Melissa at a recent women's summit.
A number of virtual (re)Discover Your Spark participants from a past course.
The first in-person 6-week course of 2024 begins Thursday, February 29 and runs through April 11 (we’ll take the week of March 14 off).
Each class is from 6-8pm at The Mosaic District (1445 1st Ave N, Fargo). Light food and drinks will be provided, so you can come and be present for each session.
I’m collaborating with Melissa Pachak, Director of Operations at FM Wellness Collective, to provide an experience that truly feeds the mind, body and soul as we work together to (re)Discover Your Spark.
All this is yours for only *$579 (see even more of what you receive when you say yes below).
*If you are a member of the FM Wellness Collective at the empower or thrive level, the course is yours for only $549.
Class dates: Feb 29, Mar 7, Mar 21, Mar 28, Apr 4, April 11
The first virtual 6-week course of 2024 begins Tuesday, February 27 and runs through April 16 (we’ll take off March 12 and April 2).
Each class is from 6-8pm CDT on Zoom. I’ll send you the link once you register.
Each session will be recorded and sent out in a private folder in case you have to miss or want to revisit anything.
All this is yours for only $549 (see even more of what you receive when you say yes below).

Class dates: Feb 27, Mar 5, Mar 19, Mar 26, Apr 2, April 16

The (re)Discover Your Spark course guides you to dig and dream, to be more present and gives you a framework to get moving on what you discover.

Hi. I’m Dayna Del Val. I'm thrilled to be on this journey with you.

One thing I know is that we can go for way too long a time straddling between remarkable and so, so ordinary, often leaning heavily towards the so, so ordinary side.

On the surface, my life has been pretty mundane:

    • Born and raised in a rural part of the US
    • An actor who never made it to Hollywood because I got pregnant right before I graduated with a theatre degree
    • The CEO of a small arts nonprofit (2010-2023)
    • One child, one dog, one husband: in that order
    • Live in a small city in flyover country


    • A bona fide angel visited me hours before my son was born
    • I’m a writer. I put together ideas in ways others want to read
    • I had a vision, clear as day, about this work while walking on a dirt road during a two-week writing retreat
    • I’m a SAG-AFTRA actor despite never moving to Hollywood
    • I am absolutely a performer, but now I’m telling MY stories rather than acting out the stories of others

It’s time. It’s your time.

Time to take the leap.
Time to expand.
Time to seize that remarkable you that’s always been there.
The only resource we cannot (re)create or get back is time.
There’s no more waiting.
You have the rest of your extraordinary life to live.
Don’t you want to live it fully alive?

(re)Discover Your Spark work is structured to help you, someone who is already busy, carve out the time needed to reconnect to YOU.

6 live sessions

I’ll facilitate a series of activities/exercises to guide you on the path of (re)discovering your inner Spark.

In-depth workbook

You’ll receive a beautiful workbook to keep you aligned and on-track with this important, soulful work. You'll use your (re)Discover Your Spark workbook over and over again. And there will be others gifts as part of your pre-retreat welcome packet, too.

Free 2024 Spark Space admisison

The annual Spark Space subscription series includes quarterly, virtual group check-ins with other retreat takers to keep your Spark ignited. As one participant noted, "I come to these check-ins on empty, and I leave with a full tank again!"

Supportive community

The community piece—saying it out loud, being seen, allowing the light to shine on long-forgotten dreams and being there to support others' dreams—is one of the most transformative parts of this work.

24/7 Access

Our asynchronous community is available 24/7 during our time together. I’ll be in there, too, asking questions and offering support.

Lifetime friendships

And you’ll create deep and lasting connections with peers who are invested in and growing right alongside you.

This program is for you if…

My role in this program is not to teach you all *I KNOW,* because it’s not about me. I’m here to be your guide on the path back to YOU. It’s you who has the answers. My role is to help you uncover those answers, to set you in motion, to move you into action, and help you begin taking those precious steps toward your own light.
I’ve done, and continue to do, this extraordinary work for myself,  and I promise you, whatever Spark is there, waiting for you to (re)Discover it, is so, so worth the journey.

It's YOUR time.

Why make this investment in yourself when there are so many other things pulling on your time and finances?

You rearrange your schedule to take your child to their friend’s house. You put down your necessary work to manage your boss’ random request for something else. You say yes to meeting with a friend who’s feeling blue despite the fact that you were relishing having the afternoon to yourself. 

It’s time to give to yourself what you so often give to others: your time, energy and attention.

Your life is now.  Right this second. And this next second.  And each second that passes by.  At what point will you finally decide that your BIG or small dreams are worthy of your time while you’re still here?

Life can be unbelievably demanding, and before we know it, you’re standing in the shadow of big change. Taking intentional time to consider what you want next in your life is vital to living into your deepest desires and truest purpose.

  • I wish I hadn’t worked so hard
  • I wish I had had the courage to express my feelings
  • I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
  • I wish that I had let myself be happier
I’m certain Spark work has the power to interrupt the patterns that lead to these hesitations and regrets above.
Will your certainty that you have a Spark worth pursuing be stronger than your doubts or fears?
Those are questions only you can answer. I hope you answer yes. For the sake of you—and for the sake of the world who is waiting for your Spark to illuminate the path forward.

Due to the nature of both types of this course, there will be no refunds. If something happens and it turns out you will miss 4 or more sessions, you may arrange with me to attend the next cohort. This needs to be addressed, however, in the first three weeks of the course you originally signed up for. After it concludes, there will be no switching to the next cohort