(re)Discover Your Spark’s going to Italy!

Join us in Florence May 2025 | Couples: May 19-22 & Individuals: May 22-25

At the Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking beautiful Florence.

And YOU are invited!

Imagine yourself/you & your partner in Florence, soaking in the vibrant culture and history while embarking on a transformative journey to rediscover your passions and goals for the next stage of your life. This isn’t just a trip; it’s an opportunity to reignite your inner Spark in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Are you:
🔥 Ready to take time to discover more of what you want and need in your life?
🔥 Navigating a personal or professional transition and seeking to create a roadmap?
🔥 Already successful in your life but know there’s still be more to be, do, have and give?
🔥 Stuck in the routine of your relationship or life, feeling like it’s on autopilot?
🔥 Longing for an immersive, creative experience to jump start the next leg of your life’s journey?

Then join us for the second annual (re)Discover Your Spark travel experience—an exclusive adventure designed to reignite the extraordinary in your life

What others are saying about the (re)Discover Your Spark travel experience
First of all, thank you from my whole heart for offering such an incredible opportunity in such a fabulous place. I loved Bath, and I loved meeting the participants and learning more about myself.
The food and accommodations were fabulous, and you and your men treated us like royalty. Thank you again.

Barb O

Dayna’s workshop in Bath was a transformative experience that left my husband and me inspired, motivated, and grateful for the opportunity to align our goals in such a historic and scenic location.
We highly recommend it to couples who want to spend quality time together and work to identify shared life goals and interests.

Shyla T

You created a safe environment that allowed everyone to speak to particular things that they viewed as meaningful.
Last time [I did a Spark retreat] I focused on professional goals and made great progress. This time I focused on personal goals and took so much from it.

Ellen M

For couples:

For individuals:

Dates: May 19-22, 2025
What’s included:
Total number of couples: 4
*EARLY BIRD RATE (until 8/31/24): $2,997/couple + airfare/transportation to/from Florence & any costs you incur beyond what’s listed here
RSVP: dayna@daynadelval.com

You will be billed for two equal payments Sept 10, 2024, & March 10, 2025. You may cancel for any reason until Feb 28, 2025; you will be reimbursed for everything but the cost of your room ($850). After March 1, there will be no reimbursement.

#Rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis

 *After 9/1/24, the price/couple will be $3,497/couple


Dates: May 22-25, 2025
What’s included:
ºTotal number of individuals: 4 (potentially up to 8)
*EARLY BIRD RATE (until 8/31/24): $1,497/person + airfare/transportation to/from Florence & any costs you incur beyond what’s listed here
RSVP: dayna@daynadelval.com

You’ll be billed for two equal payments Sept 10, 2024, & March 10, 2025. You may cancel for any reason until Feb 28, 2025, and be reimbursed for everything but the cost of your room ($850). After March 1, there will be no reimbursement.

#Rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis

ºYou may share the double bed for $997/person

*After 9/1/24, the price/individual will be $1,997

Additional praise for the (re)Discover Your Spark travel experience

(re)Discover Your Couple's Spark really helped me engage with my wife in a significant way. It was a one-of-a-kind experience with great guided discussions, an incredible chef-made meal and delicious drinks made by expert mixologist Quinn Del Val.
Dayna, Mazz and Quinn are all outstanding human beings with so much to share. The Spark experience is an A+!

Josh T

During my 3 1/2 days in Bath with Dayna for the Spark retreat, I was able to reflect on how I want to spend my days and the necessary steps to achieve my goals.
Dayna fostered a warm and supportive atmosphere, equipping us with tools for thoughtful reflection and planning.

Emily S

The Bath retreat exceeded every expectation I had going in. The environment Dayna created provided fluidity in thoughts, conversation and inspiration. She has a way of tugging on threads to reveal an ember inside that just needs air. I returned to the "real world" refreshed, energized and determined to continue stoking that fire with small, actionable and achievable steps that Dayna helped me break down and identify, giving me a clear path forward.

Fuller H

Details of the Spark experience

Fly to Italy
You’ll make your own travel arrangements to Florence
Dr Marry and I will pick you up at Santa Maria Novella, an easy, 20-min tram ride from the airport.
Stay in a private complex for our time together
Dr Marry & I stayed at the beautiful Drom Florence Rooms in May 2024. We have reserved the entire property for our time together in 2025. Each bedroom is ensuite.
The location is easily walkable to many of Florence’s main attractions but it’s entirely enclosed, so it’s a private oasis in the midst of a bustling city.
Day 1 evening:
3pm: Arrive and get settled in your room.
5pm:  Begin the (re)Discover Your Spark retreat.
7:30pm Spark Nightcap gathering: Our mixologist will mix up his first Spark cocktail/non-alcoholic cocktail to accompany light hors d’oeuvres.
Day 2 morning:
8am: Breakfast
8:30-12ish: (re)Discover Your Spark work
Day 2 afternoon:
Free time to explore Florence—we’ll provide tickets to the Hop On and Off Florence Bus—it’s a fun way to get to see much of this fantastic city and will allow you to explore easily on your own.
If you want tickets to any of the museums/attractions, be sure to reserve them in advance as it’s virtually impossible to secure tickets to anything the day of.
Day 2 evening:
7:30pm: Our mixologist will mix up another signature Spark cocktail/non-alcoholic cocktail to accompany light hors d’oeuvres.
Day 3 morning & afternoon:

The timeline of this day may shift depending on the schedule of the vineyard.

8am: Breakfast
8:30-11:30ish: (re)Discover Your Spark work
12:30: A group excursion to the Tuscan countryside
Day 3 evening:
Depends on the schedule of our vineyard excursion: Our mixologist will share another signature Spark cocktail/non-alcoholic cocktail to accompany light hors d’oeuvres if we’re back in time.
Day 4 morning:
8am: Breakfast
8:30-9:15am: Wrap up the (re)Discover Your Spark work
10am: Check out. Say goodbye to this experience and hello to the next stage of your extraordinary life!

The (re)Discover Your Spark travel experiences in Bath 2024

Enjoying our Spark nightcap cocktails & conversation.
Beginning day 1 of the Spark couple's experience.
Busy doing a watercolor painting to inspire a Spark.
Cheers to Spark cocktails/NA beverages & doing this work together!
Founder and CEO, Dayna Del Val
Dayna and Dr Marry, co-host of the (re)Discover Your Couple's Spark experience
Dayna Framed Pictures for Sales Page
Mixologist, Quinn Del Val


Join us for this thoughtfully crafted couple’s retreat that gives you & your partner intentional time away to rekindle your connection. Rediscover the magic that brought you together and create a joyful plan for the future, even amidst life’s chaos.
This experience is tailored for individuals/couples like you who crave thoughtful guidance on navigating change. This work will help you get more comfortable facing transitions head-on and turning them into opportunities for personal and/or professional growth.
Yes! Unleash your full potential with (Re)Discover Your Spark travel experience. Whether you’ve excelled individually or together, this retreat empowers you to identify the “more” you desire and provides the tools to make it a reality.
This experience is designed to help you unlock your desires and dreams. Take the plunge into a journey of self-/couples-discovery and redefine what fulfillment means to you.
By getting out of your routine, immersing yourself in a new environment, jumping into (re)Discover Your Spark work and engaging with others who are invested in this journey, too, you will open doors to your dreams and goals you can’t imagine right now.
The (Re)Discover Your Spark travel experience is your guide to taking those crucial first steps and navigating the path toward the life you envision.
For those embracing a  lifestyle without alcohol, join us in Italy where every event our mixologist co-hosts will provide thoughtfully created non-alcoholic cocktails, too.
Dr. Marry leads the way in complete sobriety, and we’ll create a comfortable environment for you to thrive, whether you call yourself sober, are sober-curious or are choosing to be low- or alcohol-free for any reason. You only need to share it so we can plan our cocktails and NA cocktails in the house accordingly.
We’re thrilled to invite you to join our second annual (re)Discover Your Spark experience in the enchanting city of Florence. These transformative days, spent away from your routine, offer mornings dedicated to creating your Spark framework and afternoons and evenings filled with exploration, reflection and meaningful connections.
This experience will provide the inspiration and clarity you need to confidently embark on the next chapter of your life.
To reserve your spot, RSVP to dayna@daynadelval.com with “I’m/We’re In!” or any questions you may have. Alternatively, schedule a 15-minute Spark inquiry call to discuss questions over Zoom.
Wherever you are in your journey, whether coupled or solo, embrace this extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Enjoying an early morning walk through the Boboli Gardens.

A last few shots from our 2024 trip to Florence

Enjoying the hop on and off bus. Notice the full-sized replica of the David behind my head?

A  scene in the spectacular Boboli Gardens, just steps from where we’ll be staying in Florence.

Standing on one of the beautiful bridges over the Arno River. This river splits Florence into two distinct parts and is a major feature and focal point of the city.