(re)Discover Your Spark goes to England!


We have two rooms left for the couples experience. The individual experience is SOLD OUT!

In front of Bath Abbey and next to the Roman Baths & the Pump Room.

And YOU are invited!

Are you:
🔥 Ready to take time to (re)Discover more of what you want and need in your life?
🔥 Navigating a personal or professional transition and seeking to create a roadmap?
🔥 Already successful in your life but know there could still be more?
🔥 Stuck in the routine of your relationship or life, feeling like it’s on autopilot?

Introducing the (re)Discover Your Spark Travel Experience—an exclusive adventure designed for couples or individuals ready to (re)ignite the extraordinary in your life!

What others have to say about the (re)Discover Your Spark retreat
The (re)Discover Your Spark retreat is perfect for anyone who has a sense they aren't living to their full potential or personal true north.

Libby B

Book Coach & Actor

The (re)Discover Your Spark retreat was incredibly helpful as I sought to gain clarity around what was next for my work.

Jessica B

NYT Best Selling Author & Editor

Thank you for providing the platform and the tools for me to define my "next," for introductions to some amazingly talented, creative, fun, loving people and for affirmations of who I’ve been, who I am and who I can become.

Pegi P

Retired Market President

For couples:

For individuals:

Dates: May 14-17, 2024
What’s covered:
Total number of couples: 4, but only 3 spots left!
RSVP: ** dayna@daynadelval.com
Cost: *$3,000/couple + airfare, train tickets to & from Bath and any costs you incur when we aren’t together

*2 rooms have 2 single beds. The price per couple for those rooms is $2,750. If you know you want a double+ bed, say yes today!

**We can split this into payments. You may cancel for any reason until April 1, 2024; you will be reimbursed for everything but your portion of the rental of the house. After April 1, there will be no reimbursement

Dates: May 17-20, 2024
What’s covered:

Total number of individuals: 7. SOLD OUT!

RSVP: ** dayna@daynadelval.com
Cost: *$1,750/person + airfare, train tickets to & from Bath and any costs you incur when we aren’t together

*2 rooms with 2 single beds. The price per person for those rooms is $1,500/person with double occupancy. If you know you want a single bedroom, say yes today!

**We can split this into payments. You may cancel for any reason until April 1, 2024; you will be reimbursed for everything but your portion of the rental of the house. After April 1, there will be no reimbursement.

Meet the Thompsons

In 2023, we launched a new series called the Eat. Drink. Spark! experiences for couples and individuals.
These are opportunities for people to take the first steps to (re)Discover Your Spark as well as build community, invest in each other and have fun!
And as with everything we offer, we provide plenty of NA options for anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol for any reason.

What others have to say about the Eat. Drink. Spark! dinner

I thoroughly enjoyed the charming company and surroundings, delightful culinary and cocktail experience, as well as the frank and authentic communication.

Shirley N

The Eat. Drink. Spark! Tea provided a wonderfully social and informal atmosphere for discussion and sharing.

Tania B

I greatly appreciate the gift of this experience.

Trish O

What others have to say about the Eat. Drink. Spark! couples dinner

I feel a deeper connection to my spouse after [the Eat. Drink. Spark! couples experience] and would definitely recommend this program to anyone!

Josh T

You become blind to the hamster wheel of dialogue that circles around work, kids, and house stuff. This short retreat reminded us that our connection goes deeper, and we need to step into the deep end of the pool more often to listen and learn.

Ellen S

I went in not knowing what to expect, and I found a very relaxed and easygoing atmosphere, which fostered self-reflection and further dialogue. I highly recommend it.

Rod S

If this level of learning, sharing and (re)discovering can happen in only 90-120 minutes of participating in an Eat. Drink. Spark! experience, imagine how you, 0r you & your partner, will connect over the course of 3+ days doing the entire (re)Discover Your Spark experience and all the rest in Bath!
I’ve been holding (re)Discover Your Spark retreats for individuals for 3+ years. More than 50 people have done this work in a supportive, engaged community, and real change has occurred as people have (re)Discovered more of what they want and need in their lives and taken planned steps to make it happen.
Even before I held the first virtual retreat in November 2020, I knew I wanted to eventually hold them at locations where we were together the whole time, doing Spark work and activities as well as having unscheduled time alone to explore and think.
That kind of physical and mental disruption away from your day to day life makes this experience and the transformation that comes out of it even more powerful.

Logistics of the experience

Fly to England
You’ll make your own arrangements
Dr Marry & I are seasoned travelers and are happy to offer guidance as you plan the entire trip, including locations before and after our time together.
Take the train to Bath
Bath is an enjoyable 2-hour train ride from Heathrow Airport, but you can get to and from Bath easily as it’s a major city.
Dr Marry and I will pick you up from the train station and walk you to our rental.
You will not need a car for this portion of your trip.
Stay in a beautiful house for our time together
Bath has many fabulous rental properties, and we’ll all be together in one. Each bedroom will be ensuite. We’ll stay in a house that is easily walkable to Bath’s City Center.
Day 1 evening:
Enjoy an Eat. Drink. Spark! dinner
Arrive and get settled. Then we’ll take the first step of the (re)Discover Your Spark retreat while a private chef is preparing our 3-course dinner and our resident mixologist is mising up our signature cocktails/non-alcoholic cocktails.
Day 2 morning:
(re)Discover Your Spark work (9-12ish)
Day 2 afternoon & evening:
Free time to explore Bath—we’ll offer suggestions for you to consider, but you are truly free to wander on your own. It’s a fantastic city.
Day 3 morning:
(re)Discover Your Spark work (9-12ish)
Day 3 afternoon, part I:
Enjoy afternoon tea in the beautiful Pump Room, made famous by Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, among others, together.
Day 3 afternoon, part II:
Explore the famous Roman Baths and museum together.
Day 3 evening:
Free time
Day 4 morning:
Wrap up the (re)Discover Your Spark work, say goodbye to this experience and hello to the next stage of your extraordinary life!


Join us for a carefully crafted couple’s retreat that gives you & your partner intentional time away to rekindle your connection. (re)Discover the magic that brought you together and create a joyful plan for the future, even amidst life’s chaos.
This experience is tailored for individuals/couples like you who crave thoughtful guidance on navigating change. This work will help you get more comfortable facing transitions head-on and turning them into opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Unleash your full potential with (Re)Discover Your Spark. Whether you’ve excelled individually or together, this retreat empowers you to identify the “more” you desire and provides the tools to make it a reality.
This experience is designed to help you unlock your desires and dreams. Take the plunge into a journey of self-/couples-discovery and redefine what fulfillment means to you.
The (Re)Discover Your Spark Experience is your guide to taking those crucial first steps and navigating the path toward the life you envision.
For those embracing a  lifestyle without alcohol, join us in England where NA drinking is not just embraced but easy to do in all the pubs.
Dr. Marry leads the way in complete sobriety, and we’ll create a comfortable environment for you to thrive, whether you call yourself sober, are sober-curious or are choosing to be low- or alcohol-free for any reason. You only need to share it so we can plan our cocktails and NA cocktails in the house accordingly.

Why we're planning our next trip to Bath...with YOU & your Spark!

I surprised Dr Marry with a trip to Bath for his 50th birthday in February 2020. We  went to see his favorite musician Midge Ure perform in an intimate concert at The Forum Bath.
We took the train from London. I had rented a beautiful home up a steep hill (there are plenty of hills in Bath!).
We thoroughly enjoyed all the charm and history Bath has to offer. It was a glorious trip.
We knew we would be back because February is not the most ideal month to be out and about in England.
Rain, rain, go away…
Don't feel bad if you don't know Midge Ure...yet. You'll definitely meet his music while we're together! 😄
We’re thrilled to offer you these two opportunities to participate in a full (re)Discover Your Spark experience and to explore Bath with us.
Why not gift this to your partner this Valentine’s Day? 💖 Sure it’s a made up marketing holiday, but why not lean heavily into that and make her/his day perfect?
These days away from your routines, mornings spent creating a Spark framework and afternoons & evenings exploring, pondering and getting to know yourself and others more deeply, will give you the time, inspiration and insight to confidently take the next steps of your life’s journey.
RSVP to dayna@daynadelval.com to say, “I’m/We’re In!” or with any questions you might have. I’m happy to talk you through it all. We’ll keep this opportunity open until we either sell out or until the beginning of May, whichever comes first!
Wherever you are in your life, coupled or working on your own, say yes to this extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Enjoying afternoon tea & live music at the beautiful Pump Room.

A last few shots from our trip to Bath

The famous Royal Crescent terraced houses.

The sunrise view from our living room window.

In front of the beautiful Bath Abbey.

Let this entice you to think where else you’d like to travel before and/or after your time with us in Bath.
Check with us if you’d like to talk about where we’ve been and what we’d recommend. We have lots of ideas and are happy to share them with you!