Welcome to Spark Start!



Hello and welcome to Spark Start! I’m so happy you’re here!

While I can’t “force” you to do Spark Start work in the order in which I’ve placed it, I do think it will be better for you to follow it sequentially.

I’ve purposefully designed these pieces to work together and build upon each other.

Now, you’ve already read a lot of text from me, so let’s just hop right in, shall we?


Watch the welcome video from me talking about some of my Sparks and my journey to get to here.

Listen to a Spark Guided Visualization from me to help you get centered and present.

Download or fill in the Spark Start guide on 8 different areas of your life.

Share your progress with your social media network for fun accountability and community-building with ready-made images and posts.

In addition, be on the lookout for 3 emails from me specifically related to Spark Start later today, tomorrow and then a few days after that. They’ll be useful to you and provide additional details and insight to keep you going.

And then read the Sunday extraordinary newsletters for more content, more inspiration and more guidance to keep moving down your Spark path.

This isn’t the end of your Spark journey—this is just the beginning. Keep dreaming, keep working and keep moving forward and stay in touch!

Be well, friend, and remember you are extraordinary!