Meet the Spark team

Hi. I’m Dayna Del Val, and I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you!

For too long, we can straddle the line between extraordinary and ordinary, often leaning heavily towards the ordinary. I understand—I lived in the ordinary for years.
But in September 2020, everything changed. During a solo artist residency in rural North Dakota, I woke up on the third day feeling mentally and physically overwhelmed. Instead of fighting it, I embraced the discomfort. The next day, I woke up transformed.
As I walked the dirt roads around the farmhouse, I loudly declared my desire to help others experience this clarity and disruption. The Universe responded, “Dayna, you are a Personal Systems Disrupter.” I embraced this calling and created the foundation of what is now (re)Discover Your Spark.
I’ve been holding (re)Discover Your Spark retreats for individuals for 3+ years. More than 60 people have done this work in a supportive, engaged community, and real change has occurred as people have rediscovered more of what they want and need in their lives and taken planned steps to make it happen.
The travel experiences are a dynamic part of the (re)Discover Your Spark mission. Launched in Bath, England, in 2024, they offer a fully immersive opportunity to (re)Discover Your Spark. With over 10 hours of retreat time, stunning locations, and a mix of group activities and personal exploration, these experiences are designed for self transformation.
One of the joys of this work is involving the two most important men in my life. Let me introduce them:

Dr Mazz Marry, co-host of the (re)Discover Your Couple's Spark experience

Dr Mazz Marry, my Irish-turned-American husband, is the chair of the Biological Sciences department at Minnesota State University Moorhead. We’ve been together since 2001, and our journey through his alcoholism and into sobriety has redefined our relationship. On his 3-year soberversary, February 1, 2020, we publicly shared our story, marking the beginning of our (re)Discover Your Spark journey together. Our retreats help couples reconnect and rediscover their shared Spark, regardless of the challenges they face.
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Quinn Del Val, mixologist and past (re)Discover Your Spark course participant

In April 2021, my son Quinn joined a virtual (re)Discover Your Spark course. With a casual interest in cocktails, he took the plunge and discovered his passion for mixology. Today, Quinn is an engineer by day and a talented mixologist by night, creating extraordinary cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.
He’s worked at high-end bars, traveled around the world to meet mixologists he admires and proven through a number of events that he has an incredible palette for creating cocktails you’ve never imagined much less tasted.
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