Short & Sweet, aka Keep Going, Dayna!

Do It Yourself; Hammer Hitting Nail On The Head

I get Seth Godin’s daily email. I read probably 75% of them and find maybe 10% of what I read provides one of those intake of breath moments. You know, the ones where the nail is hit perfectly on the head? Today was one of those.

From Seth:

Your big idea

It’s probably not completely original.

It’s probably not breathtaking in scope.

It’s probably not immediately popular.

But… it’s definitely worth pursuing, consistently and persistently for years and years.

If you care. If it’s generous and helpful and worth the journey.

All the big ideas that made a difference follow this pattern.

My Personal Systems Disruption work is all of this. All. Of. It.

So today I commit to keep going.

My next retreat is February 19-21, and there are spaces available. I hope you’ll sign up. But if you don’t, I’m still going to do the work because I care, it’s generous, helpful and absolutely worth the journey–mine and yours. But I can’t control your journey, only mine. So I’m here.

The end.