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I’m launching my new podcast e2 on Saturday!

It’s time to start something new. I mean, surely all this social distancing (if we are privileged and get to stay at/work from home, which I am) is the perfect time to get a little uncomfortable. That is my word for 2020 after all.

I’m sending out my first podcast of this new stage, henceforth known as e2, Saturday afternoon. I have a lot to learn, so I hope you’ll tune in, send thoughts/feedback/criticism (remember, I have a theatre degree, so I know how to take criticism!) and let me know if you have a story you would like to tell that is loosely based around any/all of these themes:

  • Pursuing passion. Whether your pursuit is easy or hard, comfortable or un, large or small, I want to talk about it with you, and I think others want to hear about it, too.
  • Pivoting after failure. We all have those moments that felt, not like game changers but, like game enders. With time and distance, however, we often can recognize that it was those difficult moments that changed the course of our life’s journey. I want to know how you got up, again and again and again and just took the next step and the next until you found your way to happiness.
  • Living at the intersection of remarkable and so, so ordinary. How are you navigating that??? What makes you extraordinary and extra ordinary? (This will require many of you to let go of your soooooper Scandinavian inability to recognize your own greatness and potential.)

Ultimately, we are all on a journey to find ourselves, our joys, our passions and our successes. The journey is the point, so let’s dig in together to explore this complicated, challenging, extraordinary thing called life.

“Dearly beloved…we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” Prince

Dayna Del Val is on a mission to help others (re)discover the spark they were born with through her blog and newsletter, her professional talks and the (re)Discover Your Spark retreats she leads. Dayna works with people to help them not just identify and articulate their dreams but to develop a framework to get going on the pursuit of those dreams—today, in the next few months and for the years ahead. She's at the intersection of remarkable and so, so ordinary, but she knows that pretty much everyone else is, too. She's excited to be sharing this extraordinary journey with you.

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