I’m thrilled to announce that I’m partnering with Ladyboss Midwest to host two Personal Systems Disruption virtual weekend retreats in January.

Jan 1-3 and Jan 15-17

In addition to the powerful 6-part series, we’ll add a “New Year, New You” theme (don’t we all need to shake 2020 right off our heels?) as well as including Ladyboss swag in the pre-retreat welcome package and other content from them throughout the retreat.

Starting today, we’re moving Daily Dose to its own Facebook page. It’s time for it to have a new life of its own, separated from my work with extraordinary. We hope you’ll tune in, like the page and start sharing it with your network. At its core, Daily Dose is about exploring the things that are holding us back and finding ways to move forward into our best, most joyful life.

I watched Kamala Harris speak, and I had to remind myself over and over again that I was listening to the first woman-elect Vice President; the first woman of African and South Asian descent; the first woman of Immigrant parents; the first woman. And I realized that what was missing for me, what these four years has crushed, was my pride and joy in seeing this incredible moment in history. My optimism has been stolen over and over again by the reality of who so many of my fellow Americans apparently really are at their core.

In this moment, I understood this conversation was a perfect example of the power imbalance that exists between professors and students. I could have easily dismissed his points, talked over him and instructed him to correct the error of his ways. After all, aren’t I the “expert”? Aren’t I the experienced and wise professor? Isn’t it my job, my purview, my obligation to enlighten this young man?

But it’s hard to play defense against a player you’ve never encountered. Turns out that the x I was trying so desperately to solve in the equation was something utterly out of my control: another person and his secrets. I grew up in a household where one person managed and controlled all the money, and that one person was not even the one making the money. Some stuff becomes hardwired in your brain, even if you know it’s not absolutely correct. This was one of those things.

I simply don’t care about bean counting. In fact, Quinn and I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University program at our church when he was in high school. Dave’s a bean counter; I knew pretty quickly it wasn’t going to resonate with me despite some good ideas. That and he’s one of those conservative religious guys who says things like, “Guys, you know your wife’s gonna shop, right?” [barf!]