Two Voices of Hope: Our Beginning, From My Side (2c podcast)

This is a kind of funny podcast from Bath, England. We’re here to go to Midge Ure’s concert on Saturday to celebrate Dr Marry’s final night of his 49th year. It was his birthday present last year, so we’ve been looking forward to this for almost a full year.

“Who’s Midge Ure,” you ask?

Only the lead singer of Ultravox!

“Who’s Ultravox,” you ask? Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Exhibit A:

Also, Dr Marry ate haggis tonight, so he’s in 7th heaven. And I hoped I didn’t accidentally scoop from the wrong dish, as it absolutely looked just like my quinoa salad from my beloved Marks & Spencer’s. Thank goodness mine had edamame!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Exhibit B:

And in case you want to see the cute Valentine’s candies, ladies and gentlemen, may I present Exhibit C:

And finally, some images of our first day in Bath, because, well it’s Bath, and it’s beautiful. Thanks for listening!