Two Voices of Hope: Up and Down (5b video)

This post is aptly named. Like so many unknown events in life, each day, sometimes each hour, of this journey in the hospital was like being on a roller coaster in the dark. One moment, everything felt fine, normal even. Then the next, I felt like I was falling, plunging into an unknown chasm whose bottom I had no way of being able to see.

One of the things I really appreciate about these video posts is Dr Marry’s willingness to just listen. You can see on his fact that this is hard for him. Much of this information is brand new to him as he’s hearing it read aloud for the first time. He never makes excuses or tries to qualify my reality. He just listens. That is, perhaps, one of the greatest gifts I received with his sobriety: he now listens intently and without judgment. That’s not to say he’s a doormat, because he’s not. He’ll defend himself when he needs to, but he is able to stay in difficult conversations. And I am so grateful for that.