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Two Voices of Hope: Three Years, and I’m Still Counting My Blessings (7c podcast)

Tonight’s podcast wraps up my final blog post in this journey. It’s incredible to consider how fast this time has gone and how much has happened in the past seven weeks. When we began, there was no global pandemic, we had not been to England for Dr Marry’s 50th birthday, spring break was just going to be a one-week respite, the economy was still booming, my job was clicking along nicely and so much more.

Also, I was way off in my story about the author. It wasn’t Tom Wolfe, it was Philip Roth. So much for “off the cuff” conversation. Good grief! In case you want to watch the conversation, here’s the link. It was a really interesting segment, and I’m glad I went back to fact check myself.

Just a gentle reminder that in the midst of all the unknowns going on, swirling around us, binding us together in this global holding pattern, don’t forget to breathe. The clearest parallel I can make between our micro six-week journey and this macro global pandemic is to just take the first step. Today, just do today. There’s no way to anticipate tomorrow or next week or next month and beyond. So just focus on today. Take a breath…and the first step. And wash your hands. And be as kind of everyone as you possibly can.

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