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Two Voices of Hope: Second Star to the Right, and Straight on ’til Morning… (8c podcast)

This week’s podcast wraps up Dr Marry’s final week’s post. I”m not sure why Dr Marry starts the podcast with “antibacterial,” but at least it’s a timely, topical word for the global pandemic we are in. 😬

Dr Marry and I take a meandering stroll through all kinds of things–some alcohol-related and some not. Side note, Dr Marry chose the underscore music, “Dance of Felt” this week because it felt the most “Jane Austen-like” of our options. LOVE it!

Ultimately, I finally landed on the words I haven’t been able to articulate about what Dr Marry has done in these posts. I am grateful for having found them.

I also chose to use a photo from our time in Bath, England, in February this year in honor of Ms Austen. Somehow we have turned a conversation about alcoholism to sobriety into a Jane Austen love fest, and I heartily approve!

Next: Counting Our Blessings, an Epilogue 9a

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