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Daily Dose of Dr Marry and DD week 2 recap

Wow this diagram sums up so much of Dr Marry’s and my life perfectly. Do you relate to it, too? One of the reasons we started this whole public journey was that we wanted to let people know what we had been through to get to where we are now.

Welcome to week 2 of Daily Dose of Dr Marry and DD. If you’re struggling with addiction or are partnered to an addict, you’ll find useful nuggets in one or many of this week’s episodes. If you’re just a “run of the mill” person with no addiction in your life, first, count your lucky stars, and second, you’ll find ideas to consider in your own life as well.

Monday: We discuss casual wine culture. So sorry about the compressed filming debacle!
Tuesday: We discuss leaving the house to avoid drinking. And I nearly crawl out of my skin.
Wednesday: We discuss insecurity.
Thursday: We discuss resignation.*
Friday: We discuss why Dr Marry stayed in our unhappy marriage.

We will post these in a weekly blog post for the next couple of weeks, but after that, they’ll only be available on my Facebook page and in the weekly newsletter format, so I hope you’ll get signed up.

  1. To receive this weekly recap, email me, and I’ll add you to the list.
  2. Do you have topics around addiction, sobriety and/or blessings you’re curious about that you’d like us to address? We’ll never reveal any personal information about you anywhere, but we know that if you’re wondering about it, others likely are, too. Send us an email, and we’ll add your topic to the list.
  3. Do you have people in your life, either those struggling with addiction or those who love an addict, who could benefit from hearing these conversations? Share the content and then invite them to email me to get signed up to receive them, too.

Remember, if you’re serious about getting help, consider attending a local AA or Al Anon group. There are literally hundreds of them throughout the world, and they are an amazing first step for many–they’ve done (and continue to do) wonders for Dr Marry.

Good luck–Dr Marry and I are cheering you on from Fargo! We know just how hopeless you feel. We were absolutely there, and we saw no light at the end of the tunnel…until there was. And then we slowly clawed our way back together. It can be done. We’re living proof, and you can be, too.

Here’s to discovering, pursuing and embracing your extraordinary life!

Dayna and Dr Marry

*Dr Marry’s reference from Thursday. Notice, it’s not Danny Glover; it’s Donald.

Did you miss the recap of week 1? Never fear; here it is.

Thanks to Gwen Toay for posting the featured image on Facebook.

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